Novatek Rumetek 50 is a cost effective, easy to mix dairy meal concentrate. This product contains high quality protein and is fortified with essential minerals and vitamins. This product will aid in the optimization of milk production and herd fertility. The product can also form part of a custom on farm total mixed ration (TMR) with raw materials like maize silage as base.

Feeding instructions:

It is of utmost importance that the animals fed this supplement has got ad lib (free choice) access to grass, the better quality of the roughage the better results one can expect.

Early lactation (day 1 to 120): feed 400 to 600g per liter of milk produced.

Mid and late lactation (day 120 to dry off): feed 400 to 500g per liter of milk produced.

Dry cow: feed 1.5kg in wet season and 3.5kg during dry season.

Heifers from 6 months: feed 1.5 to 3kg per day.

Urea warning:

This farm feed contains NPN (non-protein nitrogen) sources and must therefore be fed strictly according to instructions for use.

  1. Vinegar is an effective remedy against NPN poisoning. Mix it with an equal amount of water and dose half a bottle per calf or large sheep or 2-4 bottles per herd of cattle. (1 bottle = 750mls).
  2. Protect this farm feed from rain, NPN is soluble and animals drinking such a solution could be poisoned.
  3. Do not feed this farm feed indiscriminately with other NPN containing farm feeds, consult an animal nutritionist.
  4. Mix this concentrate thoroughly with the prescribed ingredients.
  5. Prevent gluttonous eating by hungry animals.

Although all measures have been taken to ensure the safety regarding the use of this product. Novatek animal feeds cannot be held liable for any losses which may occur through the use of this product.

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