About Novatek

Feeding for Prosperity

Novatek Animal Feeds is the largest animal feed producer in Zambia and has been in operation since 2008. The company produces a large variety of scientifically formulated feeds and custom mixes for all feed types, including pet food. With two production facilities located in the capital city Lusaka and one in the Central Province, Mpongwe, Novatek is strategically located with a large retail and distribution network to serve farmers all over Zambia. Novatek exports feed to eleven countries with great success and supplies a full range of technical services to its customers on nutrition, feeding programs and animal husbandry. Novatek strive to be the leading supplier of technologically advanced animal feed products in Zambia and is also the only feed producer with an ISO22000 Food Safety Management System certification.

Novatek Vision & Mission Statement


Novatek Animal Feeds wants to become the leading supplier of animal feed products, nutritional and technical solutions to the Sub-Saharan African market.


Novatek Animal Feeds will provide quality products to the livestock industry, that are delivered on time, at a competitive price, with the support of leading-edge technical advice.

Our pillars

From the core of our existence four pillars arise that constantly takes us forward. They represent four unique characteristics which guides the success of our customers and that of the business.

We provide quality

With the aim to “feed for prosperity” our focus is on quality. We apply the latest technology in order to improve our products while making use of new innovations and strict quality control procedures.

We deliver performance

Our scientifically formulated feed helps our customers to perform at the highest level. We can tailor-made feed to fit any unique business with the aim to increase operational profit. Our greatest asset is our people. We also believe in developing our people through education and opportunity with the aim of each member to become the best they can be.

We are integrated

Sourcing raw-materials from our own farms secure our ability to continually produce high quality and cost-effective feed. When we grow our customers grow and together we move forward.

We strive for excellence

Every year we aim higher with the purpose to exceed our expectations. We are surrounded by excellence and it is our goal to guide our customers, helping them to apply our feed principles in order to live a prosperous life.

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