Pullet Rearing

Correct feeding in the pullet phase will ensure that the optimum weight is reached at the point of lay; this, in turn, will provide a good laying cycle and optimise lifetime egg production.

Once the pullets reach point of lay, they should be transferred to Novatek Layer Feeds.

The day old pullet is fed with novatek broiler starter crumbles up to 3weeks, followed by novatek pullet grower mash for the following 4weeks. From 9weeks of age feed novatek pullet developer mash up to the point of lay. Obtaining a target weight of 1500gram at point of lay will maximize the potential for the hen to lay eggs.

The frame size of a pullet is nearly completely fixed at 13weeks of age although there is still weight that needs to be gained until point of lay at 18weeks of age. A practical time to obtain pullet weights is 18 weeks of age where they should be on or above target for best results during the laying period. When pullets do not have sufficient energy reserves when coming into lay, a post peak dip into egg production can be expected.

As soon as the pullet starts laying eggs it is advised to feed the hens according to the guidelines in the novatek layer feeds guide starting with layer 95 mash (feed from 19 to 32 weeks).

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