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Optimum profitability on a pig farm starts by raising good quality gilts. After that, feeding a high-quality creep feed to the youngsters will ensure a healthy digestive system, and in turn, lead to optimal growth performance.

The Novatek Pig Feed Range is well balanced and ensures that the pigs reach their genetic potential.

The new born piglet is fed novatek pig creep pellets from 3 weeks of age until 6 weeks. This high quality feed accelerates the maturity of the digestive system. The piglets are weaned at 4 weeks of age when they are a minimum weight of 7.5kg. Only change the feed to novatek pig weaner pellets after the piglet has consumed a minimum of 5kg of novatek pig creep pellets.

The remaining range of novatek pig feeds are fed during the period of growth where the management practices are aimed at fast economic growth of pig meat and for this reason feeding is on a generous scale. It is important to not mix any other feeds with this balanced feed as this will result in lower performance.

Reducing stress during this period is critical. Overcrowding in particular causes high stress. Supplying clean and cool drinking water together with feed is essential.

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