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The Novatek free range is a well-balanced feed suitable for free range animals. The feed is suitable for cattle, sheep, goats, turkeys, rabbits, wildlife and free-range chickens. The feed is well balanced, and contains the necessary vitamins and minerals for your free-range animals.  

Feed Consumption will depend on the type of animals being fed, the age and the type of management. See guide below for details;


Animal Species Amount to feed Additional information
Chickens, Turkeys, Rabbits and ducks Ad lib (Free choice basis) Feed consumption will depend on the environment and feedstuffs the animals are able to access. Ensure rabbits have access to roughage and vegetables to help keep their stomachs healthy.
Cattle, sheep, goat and wildlife Feed at 1 to 1.5% of body weight Ensure animals have free access to roughage. Animals will consume more feed when roughage is poor and scarce.

The following factors will affect the free-range feed consumption;

  • Species of animals
  • Age
  • Weight and body condition
  • Environment (Vegetation, other feed stuffs available)

Performance of free-range animals can be improved through good management and proper feeding. Ensure animals have access to clean water and are vaccinated according to recommendations.

For more information on proper management practices call on our technical advisors

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