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The novatek pig sow and boar mash is fed to the boar at 2.5kg per day to keep it in a lean working condition and is not allowed to become overweight. The dry sow is fed 2.5kg per day to obtain an optimal body condition before farrowing. The guidelines for feeding the sow after breeding are given below.

After farrowing the sow is gradually introduced to novatek pig lactating mash until she is fed without restrictions (ad lib) after a week.

The sow will be losing body reserves (back fat and muscle) during this stage of milk production due to not being able to consume enough feed. The sow should daily be fed 2kg for own maintenance and 0.4kg per piglet suckled.

The Novatek Pig Breeder feed ensures that the boars are in an excellent working condition, and the sows maintain optimum weight during breeding and after farrowing.

Pig Breeder Guidelines

Novatek Pig Sow and Boar Description Kg Feed/Pig
2 - 4 Days after Breeding Gilts
5 - 90 Days after Breeding Thin Condition
Normal Condition
Fat Condition
After 90 Days Last 3 weeks 3

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