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The Novatek Fish Feed Range is a favourite amongst farmers. Our feed is cost-effective and results in optimum performance. Our feed is locally produced, and our technical team is always willing to help farmers with feeding guidelines and general queries about husbandry.

There are a few on-farm guidelines to follow:

  • Feed to satiation, but do not overfeed. This will lead to poor water quality.
  • Keep a close record on feed used to calculate profitability at the end of the harvest.
  • Make use of sex-reversed fingerlings for optimal performance

For example: Fish weighing 15 - 20g has a feeding rate of 8% with the total number of fish being 1000. So if fish weighs 15g for instance, how much should this be fed?
= (15g/1000) kg x feed rate x total fish
= 0.015 x 8/100 x 1000
= 0.015 x 0.08 x 1000
= 1.2kg

Therefore 1.2kg will be administered to the culture system (pond, cage, and tank) per day but fed 6 times (check feedings per day). That is 1.2kg divided by six times a day which gives you 0.2kg (200g) per feeding time. However, it is important to feed fish to satiation following their response but observe not to overfeed. Overfeeding results in distortion of water quality, (nutrient enrichment, nitrogenous elements e.g. ammonia -NH3, algae bloom) in poor/slow growth or fish mortality itself.

All feed given to the fish must be recorded each time until harvest, so that the total amount of feed administered during the growing period would be compared to the amount of fish harvested. This is referred to as feed conversion ratio (FCR) (total feed given/total fish harvested). FCR would indicate to you at least the following; how good your management was, how good your feed was and as to whether you are making profit or not.

Fish finisher 24% is used for both cages and ponds. In cages, it is used as maintenance feed that is fish that has reached its target weight and is awaiting harvest/market.

Pond 18% is used to clear ponds while fish green pond is used for fertilized ponds.

Broodstock 38% is used for parenting stock in both ponds and tanks.

Fish post hatch 45% is a sex reversal feed coated with methyltestesterone, the hormone responsible for converting all fish to male. This is an already made feed for fish fry at the hatchery.

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