FeedLot 85 Concentrate

Novatek feedlot85 is a high protein, low inclusion fattening concentrate specifically for use in cattle. The concentrate can be used in different ratios with listed and other raw materials to formulate a feed fattening ration. It comes standard with ionophores as well as essential minerals and vitamins which will optimize energy utilization in the rumen.

In order to promote palatability, reduce dust and limit selection molasses or water can be added at a a rate of 100kg per ton in all above rations. This applies especially to TMR mixes which does not contain any maize silage.

Feeding instructions

It is of utmost importance that animals are to be adapted in order to ensure that causes of clinical as well as subclinical acidosis does not occur during the feedlot process.

TMR System:

Start adapting the animals by supplying the feedlot starter ration on an ad lib (free access) basis for the first 7 to 10 days. Move over to the grower or finisher ration depending on the size and age of the animal. Mature animals or animals in excess of 350kg can go onto the finisher ration.

Cafeteria system:

This basically means that the grass or hay roughage is fed on an ad lib (free access) basis separate from the mixed concentrate. Feed the grower for calves under 350kg where after the finisher ration can be followed. Ensure adaption is done as shown in the table below;

This product contains NPN (Non Protein Nitrogen) sources and must therefore be fed strictly according to the instructions for use. Vinegar is effective remedy againt NPN poisoning, mix vinegar with equal amount of water and dose atleast 1.5l to 2l per affected animal.

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