On any broiler farm, feed efficiency plays an important role when farmers want to become more profitable. Broiler farmers can make use of the feed conversion ratio (FCR), as a benchmark of productivity, to help them realising their long-term financial goals.

Many factors affect the FCR. Two examples are management and the environment. Therefore, it is essential to optimise these parameters with the intention of improved feed utilisation.

Below are some points to consider when you plan to optimise efficiency on your farm:

Feed and water

Make sure that the birds have uninterrupted access to feed and water. It is crucial to allocate enough feeders and drinkers to the number of birds in the house. The height of all feeders and drinkers should also be adjusted according to the size and age of the birds.

Environmental conditions

Environmental stress can adversely affect feed intake. Nutrient absorption and gut motility decrease substantially during stress periods. To get the best performance out of birds, a farmer needs to create the right environmental conditions. The best would be to control the temperature and airflow in the poultry house.

Phase feeding and FCR

The feed must meet the nutrient requirements of the bird. One way to ensure a good supply of nutrients is through phase feeding. Phase feeding refers to feeding different diets depending on the age and weight of the bird. Below is a table that indicates the feeding guidelines for Novatek Animal Feeds.

Diet Feeding period (Days) Kg feed / bird
Pre-Starter 0 - 5 0,2
Starter 6 - 12 0,3
Grower 13 - 24 1
Finisher 25 - 33 1,3
Withdrawal 34 - 38 0,4

The FCR is the amount of feed required to gain one kilogramme of live weight. The lower the FCR, the less feed is needed to increase weight. Therefore, the animal managed to convert feed into weight more efficiently. Below is the calculation for FCR.

FCR = Feed Intake (kg) / Weight Gain (kg)

Thus, to maximise profitability on a farm, ensure that you feed high-quality feed that will be utilised efficiently by the birds. Novatek Animal Feeds ensures that your birds reach their full genetic potential and achieve excellent FCRs.

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